A multipolarity, scripted by the middle powers (The Hindu, GS-2, International relations)

Context:- Recent talk between USA and China followed the Biden’s remark on Putin (Russia’s Preez) as killer shows that Biden is following the footmark of predecessor.

  • Issues:-
    • USA and Iran deadlock over Nuclear deal.
    • USA sanction over Russia on Ukraine issue.
    • USA and china over economic issue.
  • New Cold War
    • U.S. continues to view China as its principal adversary
    • U.S.’s hostility for Russia goes back to the latter’s war with Ukraine
    • U.S. animosity 
      • encouraged China and Russia to solidify their relations
    • Reluctant allies
      • Japan’s territorial dispute with China relating to the Senkaku islands in the East China Sea.
        • Recently Japan has done many things with respect to security which provide Japan a self confidence.
        • Partnership for Quality Infrastructure’ that funds infrastructure projects in Asia and Africa.
  • Way forward
    • Middle power must be responsible.
    • a new cold war era must not come.

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