A September exit, Afghanistan at the crossroads(The Hindu, GS-2, International relations)


Context:- Peace process in afghanistan, as USA wants withdrawal of it’s forces in sept 11, now will take place in Istanbul. Parties will be Afghanistan, Turkey, China, Taliban, pakistan and a peripheral participator india. In this context some issues and interest which are along the lins:-


  • China wants its xinxiang province safe. Some way or the other USA presence kept a check on the terrorist which were a threat to china.
  • Pakistan got benefit of military, money by the presence of USA
  • Russia which is also a key player, USA presence checked extremism in the central asia which is the backyard of Russia
  • India also benefited as it helped in curbing the extremism in kashmir.


  • The Taliban which was born in Pakistan now has different patronage. Taliban’s legitimacy is being increased by the Iran, Russia, China, Turkey and the godfather pakistan.
  • Withdrawal by USA will hit the china, now china has to make more effort in xinxiang.
    • India:- to check extremism in kashmir
  • Ghani government dont want to share the power with the taliban
  • Taliban which is a terrorist group is somewhere keen in fragile afghanistan
  • In the upcoming months fragility will increase
  • Issue of on table negotiation:- as taliban knows that USA will withdraw from afghanistan by itself in the spetmber then they may not negotiate a favourable deal to USA
  • Taliban will be favourable to pakistan then india

Way forward:-

  • India should maintain it’s interest in afghanistan and actively pursue what is good for india
  • India should secure it’s interest such as safety of indian investment
  • A deal with power negotiations.

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