A single global tender for vaccine procurement (The hindu, governance, GS-2)


Context:- Pandemic which is devastating now can be restricted through the vaccine but a myopic vision about the vaccination programme hit the economies of scale as well as availability.

Issue:- Central government has asked the states to float the global tenders according to their need. This is an issue on the federal front:-

Why this is an issue:-

  • It is the responsibility of the federal government to provide vaccine to all people of india
  • With individual states are floating their tender is leading to more price per unit
  • It has decreased the power of negotiation which indian government would have as the single buyer.
  • Shifting the responsibility to the states.
  • Fiscal federalism is not followed.
  • Traditional way where  Centre procures vaccines and the States administer them.

How this can be solved:-

  • Revisit the vaccine policy
  • Centre to acquire the vaccine from foreign countries
  • A targeted approach i.e. government should provide the vaccine to 18-44 group in terms of vulnerability
  •  Right to life which is enshrined in the constitution under article 21 must be followed
  • People should be treated as an end in themselves