Aligning a missile deal with destination Manila (International relation. The Hindu, GS-2)

Brahmos Missile:

  • Supersonic cruise missile with speed of 2.8M.
  • Developed by russia and India
  • Fastest cruise missile in the world
  • Further development as Hypersonic cruise missile.

India is selling these missile to Philippines:


  • It will counter china
  • Geostrategic positive implication on india
  • Indian defence manufacturing will be developed.
  • India will emerge as a defence exporter.
  • India as a net pro


  • Russian company which is a partner with India is in the USA list of CATSA act, this may attract sanctions but India got a waiver.
  • Other countries are also on the backfoot because of such sanction.
  • It may prioritise indian views in indo-pacific region.

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