Artist Babu :  A foreign recognised Indian Artist  (Art and Culture )

Context :

  He had closely bound  his inner self and the forest. His art is too much mesmerizing art which had evolved since his childhood where he was surrounded with nature and forest. 

     About Babu KG 

  • He is kerala based artist

  • He had seen nature since he took birth. He had observed the natural beauty of the kerala which he depicted in his canvas 

  • He has lived in great penury throughout his school life. Through his picture he , in fact depicted all his old memories of his childhood  

  • Since he had belonged with tribal life so in his artwork , we see the theme related to tribal life 

  • He had closely bound  his inner self and the forest. His art is too much mesmerizing art which had evolved since his childhood where he was surrounded with nature and forest. 

  • Since he was also  a therore in his painting we see the themes related to dwellers (adivasis)

  • At an ongoing  exhibition at Alappuzha. The  series of his work is also being exhibited 

  • His other work is also  in progress where he will show his mural painting of 40 x 15-foot at Mandalay Hall in Jew Town in Kochi.

  • Most of the works are of six four to seven feet 

  • He generally used a large canvas where he could paint everything . In fact , entire world is included in his work  

  • For the Artist work international recognition is also  a great feeling for all the artists . it is honour for this artist also that he was given opportunity to show his talent at Sweden 

  • Internationally Babu had also participated at the 2014 Busan–Art–Fair, South Korea, 

  • He had also visited China for his  art work. 

  • He also visited America in 2015, where he showed his talent in an exhibition In this exhibition he presented his a work of a mother and child at Pittsburgh 

  • In his famous picture, a couple is sitting in moonlight (‘Nilavu’) between blue foliage and a pond with fish and frog exchanging paper boats.‘Harmony’ celebrates the myriad colours of the forest and its people.

  • Depiction of an evergreen tropical rainforest and its inhabitants through using various Indian colours. This picture is being appreciated in Sweden

  • In the painting of a couple , Their eyes speak volumes of this reciprocal link between the human and nature which he had observed  in the urban dwellers.This 

  • Babu’s canvas is wide

  • In his work, the narrative seems obvious but is enriched with deeper interpretations. 

  • His forests are populated with indigenous dwellers who coexist with elephants, deer, frogs, butterflies, birds, dragonfly, tigers… together, they roam in the grass around the trees, bushes and shrubs.

  • In his picture  Dewdrops shimmer on leaves are very much influenceable . These drops look  like quiet pearls and in moon lights, these drops create an amazon beaty and glow. His world is far away from the materialism of daily existence.

  • He generally used green as a predominant colour.  Among his colours blue also plays an important role. The colour of the sky and background shade is shown by blue colour only and for the water of river and the mountains, blue colour is the dominant colour 

  •  In his painting the bright hues and fulsome images are subtly layered and combine a subliminal mysticism with the real.

  • unique perception of the oneness of self and the universe underscores a refined culture of universal love and harmony

About the Show 

  • The show is organised in Sweden and conceptualised by artist and curator Dorina Mocan

  • Since the Indian artist has had a big impact on the Swedish public, Therefore Indian Artists have been invited . She was introduced to Babu’s art through his student, London-based Nisha Dilip.

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