Biden and the West Asian tinderbox (The Hindu, International relations GS-2)


  1. The Iran nuclear deal is away from being reinstated.
  2. USA has gone on penalising the Saudi Arab for the Yemen war.
  3. Elephant in the room is Israel, how to deal?


  • West asia is not a unicenter of power, rather a multi centre. E.g. Turkey to Russia.
  • Iran is adamant to show it prowess but economic sanction made her kneel.
  • Penalising Saudi may push her more towards russia.
  • Delay in the nuclear deal may become a cause of extremists to come in power.
  • Here comes china which has a big game to play, on one hand issues with usa in trade and on the other hand Growing proximity with russia.

What need to do by USA:

    • Reinstate the nuclear deal as soon as possible.
    • China should not be given upper hand.
    • The USA must protect its ally but peace must be the final goal.

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