Cease Fire between india and pakistan (GS-2 international relations)

History of ceasefire:

    • 1949: Karachi agreement, 1st ceasefire agreement.
    • United nations military observer group.
    • 1965 : after India-Pakistan war a ceasefire (Tashkent Agreement)
    • 1972 :Suchetgarh Agreement delineated the ‘line of control’ in J&K
    • 2003 : agreement on ceasefire went upto 2008
  • Why
        • Mainly because of backchannel diplomacy, according to the author this diplomacy was very fast in taking the decision.
  • Why This cease fire agreement is important
    • It defines the date i.e. midnight of 24-25 of feb
    • It will help to de escalate the tension.
    • India can manage its resources on the eastern front i.e. china
    • Peace on the western border will help the common people living in the border area to rejuvenate.
    • It further helps both the countries to resolve the issue peacefully.
    • Confidence building between both the countries will ultimately lead to looking at the internal issue of countries like poverty, social justice.
    • It will strengthen the backchannel communication. Download Link - Daily Current Affairs 3rd March 2021