COVID mishandling foretold in the Budget(The Hindu, Governance, GS-2 Bit political in nature, one can skip)

Context:- Author tries to find out the loopholes in the governance of the Modi government, the vaccination programme and the fight against black money.

  • Finance minister, though, boasted that India’s health expenditure has increased this year but in terms of GDP it has stagnated.
  • There was no explicit expenditure to fight against COVID.
  • Government was having myopia on the effect of COVID.
  • Government vaccination :-
    • There is a discrimination among centre and state  by the centre.vacciene prices as less for the centre and more for the state.
    • Centre don’t have a coherent vaccination policy.
    • Don’t have explicit money to spend on vaccination.
  • Government has left fight against COVID to the states, but state also don’t have money
  • Central Government mismanagement has led to death and suffering of millions.

What is the way forward:-

  • An all india vaccination policy.
  • State must get the vaccine on the rate at which centre gets.
  • Import of vaccine
  • Must enhance the age spectrum
  • State must get the flexibility in vaccination.
  • Lockdown can’t be a way forward but essential medics care is.

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