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Faculty Panel

 Plutus IAS Faculty Panel

Known all over the country for their easy, student-friendly, and effective teaching methodologies, PLUTUS IAS has the most experienced pool of faculty members comprising of highly acclaimed retired professors, dynamic individual, scholars, academicians, and subject matter experts who have the sole aim of providing the country with the vest IAS officers. We at Plutus IAS believe that it is the quality of teachers that determines the quality and abilities of students and we live by this statement and instill behaviors that remain with the young aspirants and benefit the young aspirants all through their lives. It is the vast experience that the faculty members hold, in-depth knowledge over subjects and concepts, grasp over the UPSC’s pattern of examination, combined with their ability to customize and modify their teaching as per individual to make learning a breeze is what sets our faculty team apart and makes the team the most sought after in the field of education.

Our faculty team is continuously striving to maintain the quality of education and to make it easy and accessible at the same time. Students from various regions and backgrounds study at Plutus IAS which is why language proficiency and simplification of concepts is necessary, to achieve that examples are used to simplify the concepts and are of key tenets of pedagogy at Plutus IAS, this enables us to make our content and education easy to understand and students from all backgrounds can understand topics easily. For all this to work in perfect harmony our faculty panel is assisted by a large team of content developers and researchers that helps the faculty team in every possible way.

In our quest to be the best and to provide the best quality education to our students and to help them turn their dreams into reality, we at Plutus IAS with the help of our faculty members, invite leading professionals and eminent academic luminaries as visiting faculty members to interact regularly and hold various sessions to motivate the students and empower them and fill them with confidence.

Our faculty team guides the students in such a way that they are able to make a meticulous plan and make a schedule and follow it rigorously, this ensures proper discipline in studies, this method shows its result instantly and students are motivated to follow their schedule regularly and build a habit of being serious enough with their studies so that they don’t lack behind the competition and confident enough to take on any sort of examination. We at Plutus IAS have solely focused on helping every aspirant to develop temperament and strengthen their ability to crack the examination. The vision is to be able to produce the best civil servants who with their dynamic and unbiased approach can contribute to the success and growth of our nation. We prepare our students for each stage of the exam by developing a sound academic base through a unique, practical, and logical approach paired with quality teaching and individual attention to ensure the best results and to ensure that the aspirants develop a competitive attitude amongst themselves.

Dr. Ram Puniyani

( Former Professor IIT Bombay, Writer  )


Dr. Bijendra Kumar Jha

         ( Polity and PSIR Optional)

           PhD, M.Phil (JNU)

Dr. Huma Hassan

      ( History(G.S)Sociology Optional 

  PhD, M.Phil (JNU)

Dr.Anshul Bajpai

                G.S History

               Ph.D in History

Kulbushan Singh

 ( History (G.S) Geography (Optional)

9 yr. Experience with Narcotics Control Bureau, Govt. of India, Ministry of Home Affairs

Raja Rajyavardhan singh

         ( Physics,Geography & Environment)

        in Physics (University of delhi)

Swarn Kumar

                  ( International Relation)

   M.Tech, IIT

Ayush Babu


                   M.A in psychology 

Mohit Sharma

       Math Hindi Medium(CSAT)

                                ( M.Sc)

Kokil Jain

                         ( Chemistry)

                                 M.Sc IIT (Kanpur)

Pankaj Rana

                  ( Mathematics )


Vishwas Jain

                 Reasoning  (CSAT)


Sumit Mishra

                        ( Physics Faculty)

                           B.Tech  IIT Roorkee  

Amit Gaur

        (Geo & Environment & Ecology )

                 B.Tech, Gate Qualified Mechanical 

Sanjeev Kumar

               ( Current Affairs  )

                       B.Tech (Bhabha)

Shashank Bipul

                  English (CSAT)

                           Masters in English 

Pradeep Kumar


              IIT Bombay

MD. Layeeque Azam

        Economics /Current Affairs 

             Gate Qualified  


Gopesh Gupta


                  B.Tech (NIT Jaipur)

Anshum Verma

      Geography, Environment & Ecology

       UGC Net Qualified

Rajeev Yadav

History (G.S), History Optional

     M.A. History 

B.A. (Hons.) HISTORY from Delhi University

Sameer Singhal

                          GS Faculty


Vivek Raj Yadav

            Public Administration & GS Faculty

 Net Qualified in Public Administration