Fitful approach(The Hindu, GS-3,2, data privacy and science and tech)


Context:- The Centre’s recent notice to messaging service provider WhatsApp to withdraw its updated privacy policy. This policy specifically states that users would no longer be able to stop the app from sharing data with its parent Facebook unless they delete their accounts altogether.

What is data protection:-  Data is generated by the footprint when  a person does any kind of online transaction. Data protection is protecting the data from any kind of theft or misuse from a non-concerned party. 

Why it is needed:-

  • To protect privacy of individual
    • To protect integrity and sovereignty of india
    • To uphold human right written under UNHCR and Fundamental right.
  •  To provide one a individual identity.
  • Preserve oneself

What are the recent controversies regarding Data protection:

  • Adhar act was challenged in supreme court
  • Puttaswamy judgement
  • Data selling by facebook in USA election
  • Data theft by chinese hackers.

What are the laws in india

  • I.T. Act 2000.
  • Adhar act
  •  Cyber policy
  • Subhramaniam committee reccomondations on data protection

International way

  • EU has the strong data protection law such as GDPR.
  • New zealand also has the same
  • Australia working on the same direction.