League of Nations : Formation and Its failure

(GS Paper I : World History , Paper II : International Organisations )

Context : League of Nations was an effort to prevent the world from further wars but by 1931, the flaws of this league had started to be exposed . By 1931, Japan and China rejected the League of Council terms for Manchuria at Geneva. 20 Nov is remembered as the date of the world history on which date the foundation of second world wars was laid and which paved the way for huge destruction in future also 

What was League of Nation

  • The League of Nations was the first international organisation which was formed to prevent the world from any armed conflict . Countries from throughout the world were members of this organisation . It was founded by 10 January 1920 after the Paris Peace Treaty concluded after first world war 

  • Geneva was the headQuarter of League of Nations 

  • There were 32 members initially in this league; those were the signatories of the treaty of Versailles . The doors of League were opened for the other countries of the world also if they fulfilled certain conditions . 

  • Most interesting fact is that USA never joined the league of Nations even the idea of League of nations was brought by American President Woodrow Wilson 

Organisation of League of Nations 

  • The main and important part of this organization was the League of Council It was responsible for the execution of the laws . Apart from councils it had two other wings, the Permanent Court of International Justice and the International Labour Organization.

  • Each organ’s budget was allocated by assembly . In addition, there were several auxiliary agencies and commissions. 

  • It also had two essential wings: the Permanent Court of International Justice and the International Labour Organization. In addition, there were several auxiliary agencies and commissions. Each organ’s budget was allocated by the Assembly (the League was supported financially by its member states).

  • The relations between the Assembly and the Council and the competencies of each were for the most part not explicitly defined. Each body could deal with any matter within the sphere of competence of the League or affecting peace in the world. Particular questions or tasks might be referred to either.

  • Britain, France, Italy and Japan were the permanent members of the League initially . Later , Germany was also pushed to be permanent member 

Why This league failed 

  • The League of Nations was the organiser of international level and was formed to maintain world peace but USA was not the member of the league. It was the big flaw of the league. USA neither took any interstate in league nor he funded league to execute its laws 

  • The League did not have its army. Without ary , league could not force any country who violated the rules of league and created the problems for world 

  • In the League , every time Germany was defeated Germany was treated badly. Germany could not tolerate such humiliation and finally Germany left the league 

  • The League could not stop Italy (Which was its permanent member and should be loyal towards the league ) to invade Ethiopia. It was obvious that it was considered as the dictatorship of League after that Spain, Japan, germany all these country adopted expansive and aggressive policies 

Conclusively it can be said that the league laid the foundation of further UNO and it can be said as preceders of UNO. Even though it failed completely, it taught us a lesson on how to make UNO more efficient so that peace could be maintained permanently in the world . Today’s date is significant because by this date the first stone of the 2nd World war was laid . 

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