Lessons from Covid-19 pandemic must be deployed to control tuberculosis

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 About T.B

  • WHO says-> that there are more than 10 million active TB cases in the country. 
  • Tuberculosis is a social disease spreads through close touch, overcrowding and malnutrition
  • It’s effects are more on the poor and the marginalised than others.
  • The long-drawn multi-drug treatment resulted into poor compliance and drug-resistance, which hamper recovery.
  • India has set an ambitious target of TB-free India by 2025

What we must do

  • community-driven efforts to address social problems or social diseases.
    • E.g nationwide toilet coverage has increased from 39 per cent (2014) to 100 percent (2019).
  • What india should learn from covid-19
    • Since TB spreads through droplets of infected persons i.e. in the close contact of persons which is similar to the COVID-19
    • physical distancing can reduce disease transmission. 
    • Patients with TB
      •  must wear a mask to prevent the spread 
      • wear a mask for self-protection. 
    • Early diagnosis and treatment are the way to success.
    • instant case notification will help in better case tracking, understanding and monitoring.

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