One-state solution, the way forward in Palestine (The Hindu, International Relation, GS-2)

Context:- Israel and palestine dispute again surfaced as HAMAS attacked on israel. Israel retaliate and this dispute again got the attention of whole world

  • Author says
      • Britisher in particular and European in general during the decolonisation took a path where theory divided the territory. Example india, Nigeria and palestine and among others.
      • In 1937 Birtishers decided to settle the jews in the territory of palestine or divided palestine. It was not acceptable to palestine.
      • After 1948 UN recognised Palestine and it some how forced israel not to have mass ethenic cleansing by the Israel to palestine.
      • Since 1960’s a systematic cleansing was started where right of Palestinians were abducted.
      • In 1992 Oslo accord based on the two nation theory came into effect on the pretext that USA and Egypt agreed for two nation theory.
      • Now in 1995 Oslo-2 accord:- Westbank which is 60% now administered by the ISrael was to be divided but illigal jews settlement turned the equation.
      • Last week conflict is the testimony to this.
  • Why two state nation theory can’t be applicable according to author:-
      • It doesn’t talk about the ethenic cleansing
      • It presume that the movement in both the state is based on the nationalism
      • It doenst ensure the right to palestinians
  • Way forward:-
    • The only alternative is to decolonise historical Palestine.
    • dismantlement of colonialist institutions, fair redistribution of the country’s natural resources, compensation of the victims of the ethnic cleansing and allowing their repatriation


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