The country is paying for the government’s unscientific attitudes(Indian Express, GS-2, Polity, Government policy)

Context:- Government of India’s apathy towards the public by ignoring the sign of rage of corona and indication plus warnings of scientists on the spread of corona were largely ignored. Government was celebrating Kumbh mela, election in West Bengal which created further havoc in the country. This shows government inability plus nonscientific attitude.

Unscientific gesture from the Indian government

  •  lack of scientific temper among senior functionaries 
  • Ministers have claimed the use of in-vitro fertilisation techniques and plastic surgery in ancient times.
  • a minister in charge of education had objected to the theory of evolution
  •  lack of scientific temper — indeed, a definite anti-science attitude
  • minister promotes astrology as a science

Many people on the social media is saying that this is due to the 5G technology introduction. This technology is depleting the oxygen level in the atmosphere.

Constitutional angle:-

  • Fundamental duties talks about inculcating the scientific tempre
  • DPSP also talks about science and environment
  • It is also the duty of every indian that we should excel towards science

What is the issue:-

  • Issue is in creating an atmosphere which provides opportunity to excel in the science
  •  So as the king, as is the follower.
  • Degradation of science in india
  • People educate towards science fo job but not to fight the social evil.