What blinded the government to the devastating second wave of Covid? (GS-2, Governance, Indian Express)


Context:- Indian government’s inability, inefficiency,  misplaced notion of governance and a shortsightedness led to devastation of indian society and economy. 

  • Why did the modi government not anticipated the wave of COVID-2
    • Concentration of power in the hands of few men and these men were bussy in Bengal election
    • Not listening to the warning of expert because these decision makers were prisoners of nationalism
    • effect of hyper-nationalism is evident in proud references to Hindu traditional medicine
      • endorsed Coronil as an effective medicine against Covid-19. In February 2021
    •  government endorsed many other pseudo-remedies
    • Modi government believed India could “guide” the world out of the pandemic thanks to its vaccines

two-fold vaccine diplomacy.

  • India became a key player of the UN-backed Covax programme
  • When the second wave gained momentum, not only India had to stop its exports, but it had to accept aid from foreign countries

What is the way forward now

  • Increase in the production capacity
  • Invoking the compulsory licence on the covid vaccines
  • Government to support its vaccination programme with NGO and other funds