Working towards climate justice in a non-ideal world (The Hindu, GS-3, Environment)

Issue:- Developed countries are not paying for the emission they have done in the past.

    • Recently raghuram rajan said about the climate financing
      • Countries must contribute to global funds over and above the emission they are allowed.
  • Why do we need climate financing
      • Common but differentiated responsibilities.
      • Developing countries must be allowed for emission as they did not reach that developmental stage.
      • Climate financing will provide R&D and technology improvement.
      • It will increase funding, dis-incentivise the coal power plant.
      • Moving towards renewable.
      • Moving away from carbon producing products and towards carbon capture products.
    • Some carbon capture technology
      • Carbon capture and storage 
      • CO2 transportation.
      • Geological storage.
  • Why do we need to solve climate issues